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Most of us have a habit to think about a task in one
moment and forget it the next moment as we’re busy in
doing something else.
Many times what I forget can cause us a severe loss.
But if you have Omni Focus with you then you should
worry less. It’s a task management tool that’s based
on 3 simple rules.
+ Think about a task. (Dump it)
+ Set a deadline for the task. (Manage it)
+ Do the task. (Finish it)
One can have a short cut key to dump the task. So imagine
you are using your favorite web browser or program editor
and you think about something that you need to do later.
Just dump it by typing the short-cut key.
Later, when you are free set deadlines for your tasks. And
it keeps on reminding you about the tasks when the deadlines
come closer. The task can be anything … write a piece of
code to fix a bug or pay your credit card bills.
Just create different projects and contexts … align your
tasks to a project or a context .. do it later. If you miss
a deadline, just change the due date. That way, your tasks
is pushed for few days but you will do it for sure.
And if you have a Iphone or Ipod Touch then you can sync the
tasks nicely. Well, it’s bit expensive to get the licensed
version. But it’s worth it.