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It has been couple of busy weeks for me while I was digging more
about Linux Kernel subsystem. I went through so many tutorials,
books, on line docs — but I didn’t find any of them as interesting
as the book of Robert Love.

When I started I thought it might be very tough to get into something
as low level as Kernel. But from my college days I had made it a practise
to read the Preface of any book and it wasn’t an exception this time. 🙂

If you roll down few paragraphs you will hit one sentence of Robert
which will take away all your fear. “Developing code in the kernel does
not require genius, magic, or a bushy Unix-Hacker beard. >>> There is
much to learn – as with any big project – but there is not too much about
the kernel that is more scared or confusing than anything else”.

That kept me going on and on with the subject. Now I am no more a
kernel newbie, able to solve smaller problems, can browse through the
10 million lines of Kernel Code and can tell which data structure is
available where!