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It was my last day in Red Hat on last Friday. I had a wonderful two and
half years in one of the leading open source community with some amazing
geeks. But that was a decision to start exploring new endeavours.

I had to get some documents to be signed by Sankarshan (my manager).
I handed him the paper and waited till he writes something on the required
fields. When he just returned me the same back I had a look into the same.
Rather than looking into the context I was quietly amazed by his handwriting.
It was different yet so good that it can be made a special font. I wonder how
I couldn’t see the same before! May be coz most of our communication were
done through IRC or mails.

I till remember during my college days when someone used to get bad marks
in the exam he/she used to say my handwriting is very bad. And I have written
the answers but the examiner couldn’t have read it. But I bet you no examiner
can ignore such a handwriting. 🙂