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Reading The Colors

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Personal Life
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Today out of curiosity, I wanted to check how many labels I have
on my gmail account. And I ended up with a number “49”.

Wow … that’s lot. Well, over the past few years I have subscribed
to various forums and mailing list … sometimes to get a quick answer
and sometime to keep a track of how things are going with a Particular
technology (Let’s say RoR).

I wish I could give time to all of these forum. But it never happens
always, while I reply to few of the posts on some forum, for others I
am just a silent reader.

But the color codes makes it easier for me to identify what does this
label mean to me.

* Red – Company Related
* Orange – Open Source Community/Mailing Lists.
* Green – Books/Study Materials.
* Blue – Personal.
* Grey – Social Networking Sites.

Last Week In Pune

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Personal Life
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Yesterday (16th Feb) was my last day with Entrip guys. It was a nice
8 months journey with them. I personally think I will definitely cherish 
some of  the moments! 

Shardul and Akshay both are wonderful colleagues. And we have
achieved so many things together. Anthony and Nick both have a 
great  vision in their eyes, I definitely learnt most of the good things 
from Anthony. Especially, how to work in a start up. This experience 
will definitely help me, if I’ll plan to start my own start-up in future! 

So when there were so many good things, few things also disappointed 
me. I don’t want to talk about it. All I know is that I have learnt so much 
there, and that’s the best part.

I am joining an U.S. based start-up called SocialSenseLabs from 18th.
I’ll probably work this week in Pune and then reallocate to Bangalore.
I had been offered four jobs in one week. There’s nothing to be proud
of, I feel I am very lucky to have lots of good contacts! The reason I joined
SSLabs is because they are a product based company and I definitely
believe in their ideas. On the technology point of view, I’ll continue working
on RoR & I’ll get lots of opportunity to work on IPhone & Android platform.   

I’ll definitely miss most of my friends who have supported and stayed by 
my side whenever I needed them. Especially, Ankit – Who used to be my 
team leader while I was in Red Hat, and later became a very good friend. 
I always had a very nice and friendly room mates. After Abhishek, Akshay, 
Manoj and Ratikant teamed up with us. There was always a party every 
now and then. I am gonna miss all of them. But at the same time planning 
to start another chapter of my life in Bangalore.