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To do anything in Iphone SDK development the 1st step is to find
the right framework you’ll be using!

There are two simple ways to play a video on your device.

1 – Play a Video which is locally available.
2 – Play a Video from an URL.

For both the things you need to use MediaPlayer framework.

Here are the steps you need to follow to build the application.

* Create a view based application on your Xcode.

* Expand Targets and select your project. Type ‘Command + I’
to bring the info window. You can add the MediaPlayer framework
there. (By default it’s not included)

* Import <MediaPlayer/MediaPlayer.h> in the header file of your

* Change your header file like this, you need to have a ‘Play’
button that plays the video. And link the button’s “Touch Up
Inside” event to the playVideo: action.

* Once both the header and view in the InterfaceBuilder is
ready you can write the implementation part in “.m” file

* MPMoviePlayerController work with a single designated initializer,
initWitContenthURL:. It either takes a file:// or a network URL (http://)

* You can add a Video that you want to play on project “Resources”

* Coming back to the playVideo action you just need to invoke the
play method on moviePlayer object.

* For more reference check Apple’s Iphone development reference library.

Everyone’s Hero

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Personal Life
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Last night, I was bit upset with things in my life!

Nothing to do with anything in particular. I was just bit stressed and
took a breathe to think if I am doing the right thing right way!

Generally, in situations like this I read lots of good and inspiring
stories. I then remembered about a movie I watched long back,
Everyone’s a Hero.

It’s a story about a young baseball fan (Yankee) sets out on a cross-
country quest to recover a famous player Babe Ruth’s stolen bat and
restore his father’s good name in a computer animated family adventure
that shows you’re never too young to be a hero.

I till remember the climax of the movie — when Yankee gets a chance to
play for a Big match, Ruth gives his favorite bat to Yankee. Yankee then
asks surprisingly, it’s your lucky bat and you need it to keep winning.
Then Ruth says, “it’s not the bat, it’s the batter who really wins”.

So no situation can change our life, it’s we who can do the right things
right way.