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Last weekend I had been to Mumbai. My mac book was just working
fine when I left Mumbai. Sounds like a mystery but after reaching in
Pune I discovered that no display was coming in the same. All I could
guess was that the system was getting started from the start-up sound.

The engineers in the nearest apple store found the logic board to be in
a non functional state. And the replacement of the same would have
cost me 36K !!!

Well, I was not that crazy that I/we (Entrip) would spend that much
money on an ages old laptop. And we decided to go for a new macbook.
It sounds like a wow … but it did cost me 20GB of my work obviously
because of my own mistake. So here’s the list of data which I have lost
that were not backed-up anywhere.

+ Almost 100s of e-books which I had collected over last 3 years.

+ All important documents which were in soft copy. May be any agreement,
a research paper, or some report!

+ Couple of my Red Hat works, codes basically (which feels good when
I imagine how much of effort I had put into them).

+ Some source code of couple of Internship project I was guiding.

+ 25 lyrics of mine (which I can’t remember anyway. I have few in my
mind but not all).

+ The script of my new book so far. (I can rewrite the whole thing but
I will definitely miss some)!

+ Codes of couple of open source projects. (I can download them but
again it will eat my bandwidth and time).

In short, 20GB = All my work in last two and half years.

I may recover the data if the hard disk is till safe. But it’s not okay until
I have got all of it back. Beside, all the facts my new mac book (leopard)
just works awesome.