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Last week I was in Bangalore having a good time with the singers of
our group. While watching a promo show of “Thoda Pyar and Thoda
Magic” I caught a phrase of the Lyrics.

And I just said that it’s definitely Prasoon Joshi who has given the lyrics.
I didn’t know till then who’s the lyricist of the movie. And later I confirmed
that my guess was correct. Now here’s a quick analysis of the words that
made me say so!

If the songs of “Tareein Zameen Par” are till in your mind, you might
have remembered the classic entry of “Aamir Khan” in the movie with
the “Bum Bum Bole” song. It’s a very unusual lyrics with a different set
of imagination.

While you will find the legend’s lyrics rich with words in some of the songs,
in quite a few you will also notice he never hesitates to use simple but
naughty words! Sometimes he uses words which are very common and
which just sound bit different in the lyrical context but again it’s so perfect
keeping in mind for whom this song is being written.

Now both the movies, “Tareein Zameen Par” and “Thoda Pyar and Thoda
Magic” is about kids. A kid can never imagine words like:

“Thaam Ke Bahein Sitaaron Ke — Main Ud Chalun Baadlon Mein”

# The above line is just an instant thought of mine!

But he thought to write the exact a way a kid of that age might think:

“Chule Sitaaron Ke Nook Nook Haathon Ko Kheench Ke Hum
Chaahe To Chaandh Rakh Le Tiffin Mein Mann Mein Jo Soch Le Hum”

You can notice simlar version of lyrics in Taarein Zameen Par in “Bum Bum
Bole” And “Mera Jahan” song.

… “Baarish Hai Ya Aasmaan Ne …. Chod Diye Hai Nal Khule Kahin

…. “Sapna Ka Buna Sweater Sa Warm … Safed Baadalon Ke Paar ..”

Sometimes lyrics is not which sounds good or poetic. It’s just a way of
expressing your thoughts!