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Earlier this week, I was having a pep talk with one of my friend who I met couple of months back. We are kinda working together, trying to solve an interesting problem and sharing our passion in the course of it.

At one point of time, he asked me – “What do you want to do with your life?”

For sure – I want to have my own venture in a year and want to work on an idea or possibly couple of ideas that will be valuable to people who will use it. Again defining valuable – I meant making the life of people (can be of any group) simpler and interesting to live. There are several such product ideas in my mind, most of it are fuzzy and unstructured at the moment, some of it are not even ideas I would like to implement.

Most importantly I want to work on certain idea which is really interesting for me to work. And if an idea is something that I would like to work on after 2 years or 5 years then I consider it as an interesting idea.

Then he said – Don’t worry so much about the ideas or product at the moment. There are three major components of any business. Basically the 3Ps – People, Process and Product. While most of the people are focused on Product & Process in terms of what they want to do, how they want to do; they almost forget about the first component which is the most important component of all. Probably they think, they can get people from anywhere if they have money or connections, which is not entirely true in many cases and in most situations they compromise on the kind or attitude of people they work with.

So it’s very important to find people with whom you want to work. There are various problems in this world to solve. So it doesn’t matter what you will work on or how you will solve the problem. As long as you are working with the people you like and people who shares the same passion, any journey is gonna be fun.

Why we need friends in our life

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Personal Life
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We love to smile with them, we need them when we are in a mood to laugh. They are a part of our moments of fun and they are beside us when we feel blue. They always stay with us no matter how far we go, in our memories, in our love and in our life. In short they are the reason we enjoy happiness when it comes and over come our sorrows faster.

We all are lucky to get few such wonderful friends in our life. I feel luckier to have fewer more. From the days of my graduation I have got bondings with few such people, starting from the singers of our music group who supported my dreams. The days of Pune were even more memorable when I teamed up with Ankit, Mayank, AJ, Abhishek and then Shardul and Akshay became a part of our moments of joy which I also call the magic moments. We used to hang out late nights for tea in M.G. Road, just an excuse to spot hot girls. We were tireless to drive miles in midnight through the ghats of Lonavala, not to forgot we met an accident one such night, Maku and Me were badly injured. And during one christmas week we brought our official projector to home and made our home as mini theatre. The only difference was in stead of Coke we had Vodka and in stead of Popcorn we had deep fried chicken cooked by Abhishek.

Life became even interesting when I moved to Bangalore, the friends at Hibiscus were amazing. Our lunch group grew from 2 people to 20 people over a period of few months. And later it seemed in the whole day we all were waiting eagerly for the lunch time to try out foods in different restaurants and pull each other’s leg … especially the unmarried ones. Thank God I was escaped. 😛 My bonding with our CEO, Ramesh was amazing. He was no less than a great friend of mine with whom I used to share everything including my personal problems. Then I moved to Singapore where I was welcomed by few more friends, mostly at work. The amazing environment of the Lab is keeping our spirit high all the time, when we are tired we relax playing  table soccer and making too much noise. I am sure HCLite who are not part of this lab must be wondering what’s going inside.

But at certain point of time we all would realize, every time we move to a new place and make new friends, we leave behind our old friends and our contact with them gradually decreases. But it’snot about being in touch with them everyday through some phone call or SMS, it’s about being in touch with them in memories. And when you meet them after years, you enrich those memories and recreate the saga. You forget all your sorrows again for few moments and rediscover your smile. So to conclude what I started, “Why we need friends in our life?”. We need friends to always leave our life in a smiling note. 🙂

Last Week In Pune

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Personal Life
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Yesterday (16th Feb) was my last day with Entrip guys. It was a nice
8 months journey with them. I personally think I will definitely cherish 
some of  the moments! 

Shardul and Akshay both are wonderful colleagues. And we have
achieved so many things together. Anthony and Nick both have a 
great  vision in their eyes, I definitely learnt most of the good things 
from Anthony. Especially, how to work in a start up. This experience 
will definitely help me, if I’ll plan to start my own start-up in future! 

So when there were so many good things, few things also disappointed 
me. I don’t want to talk about it. All I know is that I have learnt so much 
there, and that’s the best part.

I am joining an U.S. based start-up called SocialSenseLabs from 18th.
I’ll probably work this week in Pune and then reallocate to Bangalore.
I had been offered four jobs in one week. There’s nothing to be proud
of, I feel I am very lucky to have lots of good contacts! The reason I joined
SSLabs is because they are a product based company and I definitely
believe in their ideas. On the technology point of view, I’ll continue working
on RoR & I’ll get lots of opportunity to work on IPhone & Android platform.   

I’ll definitely miss most of my friends who have supported and stayed by 
my side whenever I needed them. Especially, Ankit – Who used to be my 
team leader while I was in Red Hat, and later became a very good friend. 
I always had a very nice and friendly room mates. After Abhishek, Akshay, 
Manoj and Ratikant teamed up with us. There was always a party every 
now and then. I am gonna miss all of them. But at the same time planning 
to start another chapter of my life in Bangalore. 

It was my last day in Red Hat on last Friday. I had a wonderful two and
half years in one of the leading open source community with some amazing
geeks. But that was a decision to start exploring new endeavours.

I had to get some documents to be signed by Sankarshan (my manager).
I handed him the paper and waited till he writes something on the required
fields. When he just returned me the same back I had a look into the same.
Rather than looking into the context I was quietly amazed by his handwriting.
It was different yet so good that it can be made a special font. I wonder how
I couldn’t see the same before! May be coz most of our communication were
done through IRC or mails.

I till remember during my college days when someone used to get bad marks
in the exam he/she used to say my handwriting is very bad. And I have written
the answers but the examiner couldn’t have read it. But I bet you no examiner
can ignore such a handwriting. 🙂

I remember Mayank saying me couple of months back that ruby is a
very powerful programming language and Ruby on Rails (RoR) is
gonna be “THE future” of web development. He went ahead with his
mission of ApnaBill after that, a system which is entirely designed in
RoR. I started the journey little late – but it’s worth starting.

For last couple of nights, I have been playing with Hpricot which is
one of the most powerful ruby gems. It’s generally used for HTML
parsing. The beauty of hpricot is that it allows you to parse by XPath
and CSS tags.

And if you have firebug plug-in installed then the world of web is
yours. You can parse any tag by it’s XPath doesn’t matter if it’s badly
structured and there are 100 tables in a single page with out any div id
or class name.

Here’s few quick steps that you can start looking at:

1> Open the URL in firefox.
[I am not against other web browsers, but I just love FF]

2> Enable firebug for the page.
[Install firebug plug-in prior to that if you haven’t done so].

3> Right Click on the value that you want to parse and do inspect element.

4> It will open up the HTML headers.

5> Click on the thingy that interests you. And copy the XPath.

6> Note: Firebug adds additional “tbody” tags in the XPaths.
[Just ignore them and go ahead]

7> Parse the same in hpricot.

They are in India for last six months. And have experienced so many things
starting from spicy Indian foods, to Hindi songs, traveling in auto rickshaw
where they are being charged more than the normal price, and have also
experienced shooting for a Bollywood movie “Delhi-6”. In short they have
faced so many things in their travel – which justified them being the co-
founder of Entrip.

I have been introduced to them by Maku after our LCG meeting. And liked their
idea of designing a single portal where you can plan your trip, share your trip
experience with your family and friends and collect them together for memory!
The cool thing about Entrip is that it’s already being integrated with facebook
and flicker.

Once, while having dinner with those guys I asked Nick and Anthony, what’s the
most funny experience of you guys while being in India. Anthony answered me
opening beer bottles. They don’t have an opener to open the crown of the beer
bottles …. so they use anything which they get in hand to open the bottle. And
here is the video about the same. It’s interesting …. it’s funny and in short it
tells what Entrip is all about.