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They are in India for last six months. And have experienced so many things
starting from spicy Indian foods, to Hindi songs, traveling in auto rickshaw
where they are being charged more than the normal price, and have also
experienced shooting for a Bollywood movie “Delhi-6”. In short they have
faced so many things in their travel – which justified them being the co-
founder of Entrip.

I have been introduced to them by Maku after our LCG meeting. And liked their
idea of designing a single portal where you can plan your trip, share your trip
experience with your family and friends and collect them together for memory!
The cool thing about Entrip is that it’s already being integrated with facebook
and flicker.

Once, while having dinner with those guys I asked Nick and Anthony, what’s the
most funny experience of you guys while being in India. Anthony answered me
opening beer bottles. They don’t have an opener to open the crown of the beer
bottles …. so they use anything which they get in hand to open the bottle. And
here is the video about the same. It’s interesting …. it’s funny and in short it
tells what Entrip is all about.