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No Chicken on Tuesday

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Personal Life
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I like eating non-veg foods a lot like my Papa. And after
coming to Pune in last couple of years I have got special
fondness for eating chicken.

While being away from home I talk to my parents twice a
day and sometimes thrice! Actually, there’s no limit I just
talk to them when I feel lonely or I just want to talk. And
usually I get up with the call of Papa who insists me never
to skip breakfast. And the conversation late in the evening
is more or less of a similar version every time. Mom asks me
how was your day, are you good in health and what did u
have in dinner?

Now, it may be a coincidence that on most of the Tuesday
I have some dish of Chicken. Mom keeps fasting for me on
that day. And when we all are at home we eat pure veggy
foods with out onion and garlic. I sometime don’t like it but
Papa asks me to eat. And I never say NO to Papa for anything.
And today is Monday and I had ordered chicken tikka masala.
Couldn’t finish the whole plate so after eating half of it I put
the rest in refrigerator.

And while talking to Mom today, she reminded me not to eat
chicken tomorrow. I was just thinking in my mind … ohh man,
what will do with the curry that I have kept in the fridge!