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Couple of weeks back I spoke in GeekCampSG about iOS security where I demonstrated how insecure some of the iOS apps are when it comes to protecting user data. Popular apps like Whatsapp, EverNote, Instagram also fall into that categories.

During my talk I talked about 3 things:

  • How data is insecure when stored unprotected in Filesystem
  • How data is insecure while application communicates with a backend server
  • How insecure these data can be on a jailbroken device where reverse engineering is possible in GDB prompt

You can view the slides of my GeekCamp talk below. I have already talked about part-2 “which is securing iOS apps through file protection api” in iOS Dev Scout # Sept meetup. I will post the slide of the same here as well.

6 months ago Me, Michael and Mugunth re-started the iOS Developer meetup group in Singapore and iOS Dev Scout was born. We started this community with a dream that this will help iOS developers in Singapore collaborate with each other, share knowledge & passion and build some kick-ass iOS apps together. So we meet for monthly meet-ups where speakers talk about great iOS technologies and showcase their cool apps. We also occasionally meet for longer coffee break sessions where we hack together on various apps.

Few months ago, Peter Kim (one of our meetup speakers) suggested to have an iOS Hackathon. The organizers liked it, the members were excited about the idea and tech companies and government organizations in Singapore stepped forward to support it. Many thanks to our sponsors iDA, Plug-In@BLK71, BuUuk, ELC, Quantum Inventions, Cloudy Rec, BubbleMotion, Viki for supporting us in organizing the 1st iOS centric Hackathon in Singapore. The local tech media communiy were very supportive as well. E27 and SGEntrepreneurs helped us in promoting the event. So 75 participants registered for the event. Chinmay helped us in live streaming the event so that people who couldn’t join could still catch the glimpse of this event live.

The day started with few tutorials on iOS, Objective-C, User Experience and API Integration. After a great keynote from SayaneeMichael and Nav talked during the 1st half of the tutorial sessions. Me and Sithu shared more knowledge post lunch. About 16 ideas were being pitched. With plenty of Red Bull and Caffeine close to 35 people participants survived the night fighting with NSZombies. On demo day 13 apps were being demonstrated. Mentors from Founder Institute and local tech community provided feedback to the participants. We organizers applauded their work and rewarded 8 teams with Amazon gift vouchers who showcased great passion in building those awesome apps.

I was personally helping the participants to get started with iOS and Objective-C. It was great fun to see them learning really fast. Around 4 AM I started building a small proof of concept app for a friend of mine. And in couple of hours I was ready with the basic version of an iOS app for Learnemy. Elisha is a good friend of mine and hope she can make a good use of the app to showcase her product.

Out of those 13 apps my favorites are Alan’s Shadow and Thumbatar. We were happy to have newbies and students in the event as well who leaned Objective-C and iOS really fast and showcased some application on the same day. We hope to continue same in future to encourage and inspire iOS developers in building great apps and make Singapore a fun place to live for all the Hackers.

Join our Facebook group to get updated about our upcoming events and find our more about what iOS developers in Singaproe are hacking on.

This will be my 1st Barcamp in Bangalore. There’s already a huge list of
sessions which are being registered by various open source hobbyist and

I am planning to take two sessions. One will be on Ruby and other one
probably on I-Phone development. But it depends upon how busy my
schedule is.

But never the less I am looking forward to meet lots of new people and
share ideas.

The Entrip team was there in Bangalore from 8th Jan to 11th Jan to
pitch in

While Nick was in U.K.. Anthony, Me, Shardul and Akshay went to talk
about our product. It was a learning experience for all of us to talk about
what we have been developing for last couple of months in front of a
larger and smarter crowd.

In our Trip we also visited the ThoughtWorks, Bangalore office and
had an exercise there to understand their agile way of working. Sidu
with whom we mostly spent our time was quite an impressive guy – can
say a Rails guru who was cool enough to tell us about every bits and
pieces that we have asked for.

Finally, after coming back we thought we would use our product to
capture our experiences!

This is my 2nd Barcamp today.  But this time it’s bit different.

Earlier people used to get goodies (free t-shirt, stickers, lunch)
in barcamp. It was basically introduced to pull a lot of crowd.
This time the slogan is, BCP5 is a free camp :
•No FREE T-Shirt
•No FREE Lunch
•No FREE Pen / Notepad / Stickers
•Only FREE Networking
So Bacamp Pune – 5 came with a different set of strategy. We,
only want to encourage people who will to learn or share
knowledge. And imo it’s one of the successful event which was
attended by right people having right attitude!