About Me

 A dream walker, love to dream & love it more to chase those dreams. In this blog I will take you through my journey and tell you few stories about my life & passion. Technology, Travel and Music are my passion. An iOS and Ruby on Rails developer by choice, a lyricist and composer by hobby. You can find my professional profile on LinkedIn.   Started iOS Dev Scout (a local iOS Developer community) with Michael and Mugunth. Co-organizing Ruby Brigade meet ups with Andy and Winston.

While I am most passionate about Technology, I love music and my beautiful wife. So I take time to travel with her to scenic places and explore the world.

I love to meet people and talk to them about technology and startup. Drop me an email if you see a friend in me: subh@subhb.org

  1. Hi Subhransu,
    Is it possible for you to post message about this in local (Singapore) geeks/user groups http://www.spritle.com/community/ideas_for_opensource_mobileapps.html

    I just joined singapore-rb group as well.

  2. Subh says:


    Feel free to post it on Singapore Ruby Brigade mailing list. But my experience with Rhomobile is not that great, they have issues with performance. If you are looking into cross-platform tools I would suggest you to look into PhoneGap + SenchaTouch.

    – Subh

  3. Salman says:

    hi Subh,

    I have some questions about implementing Speech Synthesis in an iOS app. Looking forward to hearing from you. Do reply me via email pls.

    – Salman

  4. Hi Subh ,

    I have started reading iOS articles , You done great work . Thank you and looking forward to see more articles for iOS App development .

  5. Hi Subh ,

    I am working on Facebook SDK 3.2 for iOS . I am trying to get my friends updates (like posted photos only ). is it possible to get my friends posted photos ?

    Thanks .

    • Subh says:

      @Madhu, 1. You need to use iOS “Social Framework” in stead of using Facebook SDK. 2. Accessing photos of anyone depends on their own privacy settings for photos.

  6. Joris says:

    Hi Subh,

    Great tutorial of speech recognize at http://www.raywenderlich.com/60870/building-ios-app-like-siri! I want to create a prototype, but it’s hard to decide which framework to use. Also when it will become a version for the app store. E.g. comparing quality, price (per transaction or only once), language(Dutch), maintenance of SDK etc.
    Can you reply me on my e-mail address?
    Thanks a lot!!!

    All the best from The Netherlands,

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