iOS Dev Launcher Series – The Journey Begins

Posted: September 4, 2011 in events, iOS Development
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I took this initiative a month ago to help students, developers or start-up founders to get started with iOS Development. I closed the registration in a day with 35 interested participants. Many people, asked me why I haven’t kept any registration fee for these sessions. The idea is very simple – I have learnt so much from open source community – Unix, Php, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and iOS. Although iOS is not exactly open source but I still like the idea of Apple of bringing an app development SDK and making it open for other developers to put their apps on iOS Devices. The idea itself showed ways to a lot of people. And as I have learnt so much from this community, I want to give something back to the community. It’s more of a passion for me than a business. In one way, you can say I am helping my friends than helping someone I don’t know. And I wouldn’t ask money to a friend for my help. 🙂

Yesterday was the first session, and it was almost a full house At HackerSpaceSG. Thanks to Jason Ong for helping me to organize the event at HackerSpace. Together with all the awesome participants we explored and revealed XCode basics and Objetive-C syntax through a little program called “SaveThePrincess”. At the end of the session, I got some honest feedbacks. Where most of them said it was helpful, some couldn’t follow. Mostly people who couldn’t follow are from non-programming background. So I thought what I could do better that will help those set of people. My approach of this tutorial was to start with something basic and build components on top of it, which although assumes participants have basic programming knowledge.

Then Jason and few others suggested, we could reverse the approach. For example: show everyone, what’s the end product and then build individual components that’s required for the actual product. I am still looking for an interesting way to do it. But for sure – I decided I will show an application in next class before starting the tutorial. That might be fun for all the folks who wants to save our little princess. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop few lines here.

The materials of my first class can be downloaded from BoxDotNet. Our friend Calvin has explained more about the session on his blog. 


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