Creating Applications for Samsung Internet TV

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Quick Tips, Samsung TV, Tools
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It has been couple of weeks since our AVP called me and asked if we can do something in the Samsung LED TV that we have in our lab. A week ago, I got little free from my day to day activities to explore that.

The first thing I discovered as if I have got the jackpot that all the apps for Samsung Smart TV can be developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Spending couple of years developing web application helped me here. The whole thing was like a piece of cake for me, and it was just about exploring the framework more.

But to my disappointment I also discovered that the sdk works with windows machine only. Never mind, sometimes in our life we have to use systems we never like. So I started with my 1st application to create a slide show application which can be used in actual practice.

I further discovered, we can’t embed direct PPT files or not even use it from USB devices. However both is possible if we want to display images. One can also use the TV remote to trigger an event like displaying next or previous slide. Another way of doing it would be to convert the PPT presentation to a flash file and embed that in code. One could find all those things as he would get his hands dirty on the tools and frameworks more.

But for beginners the following steps would be helpful:

1. Register for free here: and download the SDK.

2. Setup your apache configuration and make sure your app files (widgetlist.xml and files under “widget” directory) are publicly accessible, or at least in the same network with your Internet TV.


3. Create an account by username “develop” in your TV and go to development section under settings to provide the IP of your server and install the application.

Further details can be found from the reference link above.

Note: One of the steps where I got stuck for longer was that in widgetlist.xml the download ip is the publicly accessible IP or an IP which is in the same network of TV.

If you create some cool apps using this you probably can target 500K USD prize money next year here:


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