Jailbreak your Iphone/Ipod touch to install VNC Server

Posted: January 28, 2010 in iOS Development, Tools
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As one of the big demo of our application proceeded we (me and Ashok Jaga)
thought of a nice way to demonstrate our application. We could have done it
using simulator but we thought if we would make our Iphone as vnc server then
we can use any vnc client to see the screen!

After digging for couple of hours I noticed app store doesn’t have any app
for VNC server. And the one I found is Veency but again it needs to have
cydia installed on your device. And hence comes the steps to jailbreak my
ipod first.

* Download and Install redsn0w for your mac or windows machine from here.

* Download the right firmware for your iphone/ipod from this link.

You will use this firmware to restore your device.

* Now start redsn0w and browse the “*ipsw” file from finder.

* Follow the instructions displayed on redsn0w screen.

* Now your device is jailbroken and you can see an icon by the name
“Cydia” on your screen.

As now you have successfully installed cydia on your device, you can
launch the application and search for veency. Install it and you can
use your device as a vnc server.


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