Reading The Colors

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Personal Life
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Today out of curiosity, I wanted to check how many labels I have
on my gmail account. And I ended up with a number “49”.

Wow … that’s lot. Well, over the past few years I have subscribed
to various forums and mailing list … sometimes to get a quick answer
and sometime to keep a track of how things are going with a Particular
technology (Let’s say RoR).

I wish I could give time to all of these forum. But it never happens
always, while I reply to few of the posts on some forum, for others I
am just a silent reader.

But the color codes makes it easier for me to identify what does this
label mean to me.

* Red – Company Related
* Orange – Open Source Community/Mailing Lists.
* Green – Books/Study Materials.
* Blue – Personal.
* Grey – Social Networking Sites.


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