Dare to Begin

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Personal Life
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To work is easy, to work faster you need pace, and to maintain that
pace you need determination.

I don’t know how many of you might have faced this situation but
generally when I work for a long time I sometimes just minimize all
applications I am working with to take a breathe. Then I justsit in a
relaxed posture and keep on staring my desktop!

At times, the theme of the desktop wallpaper inspires me to keep on
moving. So, once in a while I keep on changing the theme that suits the
best to my mood. You can say it as an unchanged mood I am having
these days that I haven’t changed the current wallpaper theme.

But I guess, the reason is much more than that. 1st of all I just liked the
black N white background. Every time I look into the same I try to find
more meaning out of the so called “pier” theme of mac.It’s more than a
raised walkway over the water. After trying to understand it for several
times I feel that it encourages us to dare to set out for a journey when
the path is not easy …. non the less to begin our journey at least. I think
I will keep the same theme for couple of days more!


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