Ejecting Stucked Media in Mac

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Quick Tips
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This is the first time I am using Mac and I had faced a very
funny problem last night while trying to listen to some songs
from my old collection of DVDs.

Mac books doesn’t have a typical DVD reader with the eject
button. The device is inside the laptop with some kind of
protected coat over the reader. You just place your DVD there,
and it will pull it inside. And if the DVD is working fine, you don’t
have to worry much. You can use the CTRL + Click operation
on the icon to do normal stuffs.

But I had a corrupted DVD which just stucked inside. And it was
not mounted in the system. Hence, I had no regular options to
eject it. I tried to find the Eject button externally in the Hardware.
But then I thought normal mp3 player have a default eject button.
Hence, I just found the same in Itunes application.

The trick worked for me. But later I tried digging into google for
more options! I came across few solutions but the one I liked the
most is the “drutil” tool.

All you need to do is:

# drutil tray eject

That’s it, It will work fine for you even if the media is not
mounted properly.


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