Mythical Numbers

Posted: June 28, 2008 in Personal Life

This evening I was running short of some hard cash had only 20 INR with me.

After leaving the office I took an auto and asked him to take to my room via
the near by ATM. As usual he asked for double the price with out going by
the meter charges as my flat is almost one and half k.m. from the main road.

After standing for 5 mins in the queue I went in side the ATM center to withdraw
some cash. And I realized that I have forgotten my ATM password again! I tried
to remember while other impatient people were peeping through the glass door.
My first try was invalid. I didn’t want to end up again by locking my card with
more invalid tries.

Now the situation is interesting, I have less cash with me than I have to pay for
the auto. I called Asutosh (my flatmate) and asked him to come to downstairs with
some cash. It’s almost 4 hours spent after that — and till I am confused with
numbers. It seems like I have to go to the office in the weekend where I have got
the document sent by the bank when I had last forgotten the pin.


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