Beyond the World of Reality

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Personal Life
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I have been keeping myself busy in lots of things. Work + studies
basically. But I took an extra effort to start writing something
which I have always waited for !

Well – I am into writing of a fantasy related book. Just an extra
leap from just being a lyricist to an author. I have always been
a great fan of Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings

The concept behind my book is no way similar to the above two.
But it’s in the same space. I really can’t reveal much about it
now except the fact the lead characters of the book are two girls.
Now, what they are capable of, who are their friends and what
situations they have to face — I am gonna be asked several
questions like that from many of you. The only answer I have
now is that you have to wait for couple of months.

I am planning to complete the 1st book in approximately one and
half years time — yes, you heard it right! It’s gonna be a sequel.
I haven’t yet decided a title for the book, not even have given the
names to my lead characters. But the whole story is in my mind.
Let’s see how well I can narrate it!


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